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About Our School

Dear neighbor,

My name is Sonia Mendez, owner and head instructor of Symmetry Martial Arts in Jupiter, FL. I have dedicated my life to bringing the physical, mental, and social benefits of martial arts to our community.

Our mission at Symmetry Martial Arts is to provide each student with a holistic martial arts education in a clean, professional, and safe environment. Lessons in discipline, respect, self-esteem, fitness, and physical skills incorporated throughout our curriculum will provide students with the confidence to defend themselves, stand-up for others, and flourish in all aspects of life. Not to mention our classes are a ton of fun too!

We specialize in age-specific martial arts classes for children (beginning at 3 years old), and fitness classes for adults of all shapes and sizes. Through our developmental and comprehensive curriculum, Symmetry Martial Arts fosters an environment of learning and growth. We'd love nothing more than for your family to become a part of ours - to enrich your lives, learn self-defense, and get in great shape!

Martial arts have served as a tool for inner-growth and development for thousands of years, and the benefits our classes offer to students are invaluable. The hard work and patience required to perfect each skill builds discipline, focus and determination. The desire to advance through the belt ranks develops goal setting and ambition. The fortitude of working through nerves to pass skill and belt tests instills perseverance, confidence and pride.

Helping your family reap all the life-long benefits of martial arts, while getting fit and having fun is our goal at Symmetry Martial Arts. Each of our martial arts instructors has a passion for teaching, and is certified in the SKILLZ curriculum and instruction practices.

We encourage you to check out Symmetry Martial Arts in person, and try out the program(s) best-suited for you and your family. You can learn more about the classes our Jupiter school offers by calling us or scheduling an introductory package right from this website.

See you soon,
Sonia Mendez

Owner, Head Instructor
Symmetry Martial Arts
Jupiter, FL